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Ready to Live the Life You Love?

Manifest your dreams and reach your maximun potential with Our Divinity Coach Martinique Ilona!!


Martinique Ilona is an experienced Certified Life Coach through International Coaching Science Research Foundation.  She is committed to empowering her clients to move past their limitations and being the best version of themselves.  Her unique holistic methods allows her clients to have fun while "doing the work".  
Martinique's core message is to "Walk authentically, courageously, and joyfully in your truth and your light.  To Be Divine in all that you do." With this message, Martinique strives to inspire others to take back their power and walk in their desired destiny. 
Our Divinity Coach Martinique Ilona is available for bookings for workshops, Q&A style live events, educational talks, intimate social gatherings, conferences, and more!

Our Motto

Live the Life you Love!

Our Mission

To lead a movement devoted to self knowledge, expression, awareness, and truth in order to live a more fulfilled life. 

Our Vision

We aspire to empower our clients to step into their essence, radiance, and truth, connecting to the power within to achieve their desired outcomes and or dreams. 

Our Vibe

We are a life coaching service that aims to get to the root our clients issues in a unique way. Utilizing different, fun, and innovative techniques. High frequency, authenticity, and love is our vibe. 
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