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Volunteer Opportunity

Rooted Connections volunteering at Gratitude Botanical Farm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tea and Talk 2020

Tea and Talk Gatherings in the year of 2020 pre pandemic :)

Youth Leadership Workshop

Rooted Connections Youth Leadership workshop for upcoming Drum Majors.

Gratitude Journal

The participants at the Mountain Flavored Cozy Tea event with Rooted Connections and Stay Cozy Saturday holding up their gratitude journals created by our very own Divinity Coach Martinique Ilona.

Tea and Talk Virtual Workshop

Tea and Talk Workshop during the Pandemic.

Tea and Talk Brunch Edition

Rooted Connections Tea and Talk Brunch Edition.

Patterns of Purposeful Thought

Rooted Connections Patterns of Purposeful Thought workshop.

The First Tea and Talk

Rooted Connections very first Tea and Talk.

Martinique Ilona

Martinique Ilona Representing Rooted Connections at the 5K Button Down Dash.

Growth with Daily Gratitude

A daily gratitude journal made with love of 30 entries to enhance the loving vibrations of life.

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