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Welcome to Rooted Connections LLC. Where we strive to empower people with the strength, courage, and confidence to walk in their truth and live in their light. We understand that life's challenges are unique and complex to all individuals.  We have a fully certified life coach  here to help you find yourself and realize your full potential.  If your'e feeling lost, blocked or stressed, We will assist you in learning how to move forward in a mindful manner that works for you!

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Private Coaching

Group Meeting
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Group Coaching

Tea and Talk Events

Youth Workshops

One Coaching session can change your Life! Sign up for our private life coaching sessions custom designed to fit your unique individual needs!
Want greater accountibiliy, discover and cultivate amazing bonds? Sign up now and multiply your growth with our group coaching sessions!
We also have Tea and Talk Events you can sign up for or even host your own!
Innovatively building the mindset of success, leadership, confidence, and empowerment in te youth. Book a Youth Workshop Today!

Martinique Ilona

Dig Deep Far Enough To Reach Yourself
Martinique Ilona is an experienced certified life coach specializing in getting to the root of blocks and fears preventing one from achieving their goals and reaching their maximum potential. Martinique teaches her clients how to recreate a new self image of themselves that will assist them in living the life they love. 

The Divinity Coach

There is Divinity in Your DNA. Live Your Light and Be Divine!
Martinique is also referred to as the Divinity Coach recognizing that we all have a unique divine light of truth to share with the world.  With a holistic approach, Martinique empowers her clients to have the courage examine every aspect of their being, even if there may be depths of darkness, to allow the light of their soul to let their light shine.


A daily gratitude journal made with love of 30 entries to enhance the loving vibrations of life.

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New Tea & Talk

Join us for an enlightening and invigorating Tea and Talk session as we embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement and personal growth. In this unique event, we'll explore the theme of "Upgrading Yourself: Elevating the Basics.


Chris Avery, District Manager Securitas

About 6 months ago I was really struggling with juggling my job and the stress that comes along with managing over 200 people. My friend Troy told me that I needed to schedule a session with Martinique. I brushed him repeatedly because I not only didn't feel like I had the time but how really would I benefit. Finally, one Saturday he drug me to meet her. Boy was I in for a surprise. Martinique attacked my issues holistically. She started off by teaching me dynamic meditation techniques. She let me know that I needed to use them daily. She also informed me that I needed to refer to them whenever I hit rough patches during the day. I began to see immediate results my stress levels were dramatically reduced. I began to lead my staff far more efficiently. Then she began to peel back layers of deep rooted issues that I needed to address to help bring me peace, serenity, amd most importantly happiness. Through her step by step process of identifying these issues and finding solutions (She calls it doing "the work") I can honestly say I've never been more productive. I've never been more energized.I've never been more inspired to chase my dreams.  I've never felt more alive than I do now. Martinique is more than a life coach. She is Maximum Potential Guide. Her methods will nurture your soul and allow you to heal. They will also in her words "Make you get your shit together" and reach your maximum potential. 

Troy Anthony, Chief Visualist Troy Anthony Visuals

Rooted Connections gave me a step-by-step guide to manifest complete GREATNESS!! I found myself in Africa living my dream and generating the type of wealth I had only dreamed of. 

Marsinah Epps, Founder of Ambition One Entertainment Studios LLC

The process to the end of whatever trial and tribulation, is starting a new beginning and a new mindset is Priceless! I am so happy that I chose me first and with that being said, the services of Rooted Connections and having a Life Coaching experience is amazing and has helped me tremendously.  The authenticity and genuineness of Martinique Ilona's process to get me to loving myself, setting my goals for Self Worth, Self Love, and Self Awareness is a journey I will truly cerish for LIFE. 

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